Social Media : Music is Changing

Nowadays, social media is becoming in the most important tool to grow like an artist (yes, unfortunately even more than music by itself). You can be in touch with all your fans wherever you are, and showing them your last tracks, videos,exiciting news, interacting and letting them know about how you are out of the decks. The personal life of the artist is also becoming a important tool of engagement. However you have to find a balance between the social and promotional actions in your networks, using each one with a different purpose

The thing is that social media networks aren't a good "marketing upgrade" for everyone. Some people think that with all this massive marketing, the music quality by itself has been depreciated, and is not as important as years ago. This is a good point to discuss, i think that is true that a song that it can't be sold by its own quality, with a really good marketing in all the social media communities can be a "massive hit", but we can't put all the music with huge marketing under the same umbrella.Honestly i think there are a lot of ways to understand the music and each song has been made for one kind of public and moment so we need to know the difference between what we don't like and what we think that is "shit", open our minds to styles that we don't use to listen and try to understand them and learn of them, because variety is the spice.

Despite of that, the social networks are also bringing more oportunities to new producers and djs, giving them the possibility to arrive to all the world with a few "clicks". So if you have talent, the appreciation from other people and the opportunity to grow will arrive and you have unlimited opportunities to find the key because promote yourself is really cheap. This is a point that years ago was really different. You could be a talented producer but if you didn't find the right person to promote you or a big record label, your range of action was really local because the promotion business was really expensive. But the music industry it has not only improved for the artists, as Chris Maples said, the real winner is the consumer.

The consumer is the real winner, without a shadow of a doubt, because there’s more music creation taking place. There’s always been manufactured music and that will always be the case, it’s not a problem. One of the most precious things of the past was giving someone a mix tape in an order you found compelling. There’s an opportunity to recreate that now. - Chris Maples, VP Europe of Spotify

But the ease of acces to music maybe is a double-edged weapon. The huge demand of music is developing new ilegal ways to get it and every day more, artists are earning less money selling their tracks. I think that the value of to have a song of your favorite artist for example is not the same as before. The process of go to the shop, find your favorite record, pay for it and have it fisically, made the track more valuable. On the other hand, with all this demand, tons of new festivals and parties are appearing all over the world, engaging more people to be involved and interested by the music industry who they bring innovative ideas to keep the music evolving.

So, what i have to do if i want to grow my presence in social networks? There are 5 keys to improve your presence online on a good way.

Keeping aside to have a good visuals, like profile photo and cover, with correct sizes, good resolutions in all the profiles that you have, the first one and most important rule is to be patient and constant. Don't think that you are going to smash it in one day, one week, or one month. This is a work that is going to need some of your time everyday so if you aren't able to keep it updated in the worst case, weekly, don't try to have an artist profile in all of them.Have social networks without activity is a bad image for your brand so if you have any profile abandoned, consider to deleting them.

The second one is to find the social networks that most fit with you. Im sure that you have read a lot of articles saying that X is the best social media site for artists. So that's completly wrong. Think about what do you use normally, because it's going to be easier to keep it updated and your fans will find you there.

The third one is to be different in all of them. There are some tools that allow you to keep update instantly all you social media sites. Well some people recommends that tools but im not too fan of them. I think that it could be used as a complement for some types of posts, more for the business side (announcement of last tracks, next gigs, merchandising,...) but if you are using all your profiles in the same way, why your fans are going to follow you in more than one of your sites? Keep different strategies for each one.There are some good examples of artists that we can focus and some rules that we can follow but at the end it's upon you and your personality. Read this article to know more about that.
Point Blank London : How to use social media as an artist.

The fourth one is mix business and pleasure. We know that the main goal of social networks is to sell more tracks, tickets for your shows, merchadising,.. but if you focus all your posts in the business side, your fans will go away in a hurry. That means that you need to give them a glimpse of life behind the musical scene. Talk about the recording process, working on artwork, writing new songs, special guest appearances, booking your shows or if you are a bedroom dj and you just have a couple of gigs by month, be funny and try to engage people with creative posts focused in music.

And the fith one is don't let the social networks to be more important that your own music. Keep in mind that your music is the most important thing so you really need to devote to doing your actual job - writing, practicing and performing music.

Definetly i think that social networks are a good tool of promotion and essential to every artist. Like everything it has a good side and a bad side but overall are really positive. Maybe we aren't changing as fast as the music is and we havn't use all the potential of it. All the big changes have a process of test error, so we have to keep working searching solutions and new ways to improve this new side of the music industry.